Sunday, May 28, 2006

Lesson One of The $100,000 Animation Course

I'm a little late to this thing but better late than never. I just found the
  • online lesson
  • , I was really excited and all for free. Here's the first page of the first lesson and this stuff isn't easy but its fun and rewarding.I'm Stipossidley too old for This Free online course . See Reledgidly John K said he couldn't teach an old dog new tricks. And further more that after the age of 24 you become an uber-yuppie, chicken-shit conformist thus unable to learn the art of mid 20th century cartoon animation. Isn't that ludacrisp?

    I'll be 33 on the 31st but I stopped growing mentally in my teens so I'll Go ahead and do the lesson anyways.


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